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Hunter Urethane Spray Technology & Plastics - H.U.S.T Plastics Pty Ltd - or HUST for short was established in 2002 by Gerard after growing up in the polyurethane and protective coating industry he realized there was a market in Newcastle that could use his 30 odd years experience in spray polyurethane and epoxy protective coatings. In that time the company has completed jobs not only locally in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region but Australia wide as and when required.

HUST have proven experience working with a variety of polyurethane, ceramic and industrial coating products. We have a demonstrated understanding of products such as Devcon, Epirez, Akzo Nobel, Dulux, Chemiplas, ERA and much more.

We offer all types of Industrial Coatings from flexible coatings, polyurethanes, epoxies, potable water approved coatings and so much more.

We offer Abrasive Blasting services with a large blast chamber in our workshop in Cardiff, Newcastle NSW or if the job requires we can work on-site. We use a variety of media depending on the job requirements. No job to big or small from industrial, residential and auto.

We can also offer a Sponge Jet blast system that offers a low dust, clean and dry abrasive blast system - a great choice for industries such as aviation, marine and water treatment just to name a few.

HUST also offers a Wet Vapor Polishing Blast  which is a non aggressive cleaning process leaving a clean satin finish that will not contaminate the parts by embedding any media. Great on alloy, brass, copper, stainless and more. Works a treat on engine components, rims, forks, swing arms and crankcases etc.

H.U.S.T Plastics Pty Ltd can apply 100% Solid Polyurethane Spray Coatings which can be applied on-site or off and often in situ. The sprayed equipment can often be put back in service within a hour with a virtual non existing curing time. It can be applied in one application to specified thickness on any surface including vertical surfaces and to any hardness required.  HUST offer an unmatched service in this specification and application with over 30 years experience in the industry.

HUST also offer Spray Foam application with a variety of uses from insulation to foam fill.

HUST are also specialists in Ceramic and Epoxy Coatings  whether it be for corrosion, abrasion, chemical or high temperature protection or epoxy and cement based renders or high build epoxy coatings, you name it we do it. We are both suppliers and applicators of ceramic and epoxy coatings.

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